True professionnal services firm

was born out of Hervé Jaspard’s long-lasting experience, who has been operating in the executive search industry for the past 20 years, driven by the common determination to develop an International Consulting and Executive Search Company aimed at building up the quality of services to Information Technologies Clients.

Our Mission consists in working in close collaboration with our Clients (mostly American and European Companies) on their organisation, business model and finally on their strategic recruitments projects targeting senior level management and high-flyers.

Our Philosophy helps us, we advising our client so that together we build a scalable organization based on their strategic goals. We also help them identifying and recruiting Executives that are able to support their development, not because they have the potential to do it but because they already did it.

Our Consulting approach approach is based on the solid experience of our team. Every assignment we receive is another opportunity to identify best practices, successfulinnovative business models, succesful management methodologies and so ontc… We then bring this « field experience and analysis » to our clients.

Our Executive Search Methodology is exclusively based on a direct approach and relies on our impressive international network of potential candidates. This rapidly gives us access to all the professionals in a given ICT market, including those candidates not actively job- hunting. Our strong face-to-face evaluation meeting experience gives us a great ability to assist our clients in identifying not only candidates that have the right Professional background/experience but those who are the best fit, in terms of personality and potential.