True professionnal services firm

Our Consultants Approach
As a firm we are...
is a true professional services firm, passionatly devoted to your success, ethical in our actions, and meticulous in our methods. Doing what is right is at the heart of how we work.
We develop deep and meaningful knowledge of your challenges, offer honest guidance, and provide true support. Nurturing long-term relationships with clients allows us to better understand your needs, be positively proactive, and stay practically focused on what really matters to you.
Experience and Professionnal Background
Client Focused
Proud of Our Heritage
Prior to joining our firm, our consultants have built a significant business careers and all of them hold a Bachelor and/or an Engineering Degree. We all are English-speakers and we also master one or two other European Languages. Our consultants are backed by outstanding research professionals and a proprietary information technology platform. We work in teams to combine cutting-edge, world-class research capability with rich insights and sound judgment.
Unlike the traditional model of search consulting, we charge a fixed fee for our assignments and we bring our Clients efficient Consulting Services. That means our only incentive is to deliver what is best for you.
Our fixed-fee policy gives us the freedom tobe diligent, thorough, and completely unbiased, able to assess internal and external candidates on an equal basis and facilitate hiring negotiations, with no conflict of interest.
Hervé JASPARD founded Aston Advisory and Search after more than 20 years of experience operating for the most advanced, well-known and successful ICT companies in the world.
Our company now brings its expertise to Start-Ups, Mid-size ICT companies as well as Large International Organizations. Client References and Testimonials